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Dr Kanada Narahari belongs to a small village called Chipageri in western ghats of Karnataka state in South India where the natural life always imbibes into the mind body and soul of the living beings of its native with its everlasting calmness and serenity. His grandfather, “Keshava Annayya Bhat” was a renown scholar in Vedas and dedicated his whole life in traditional way of Guru-Shishya parampara of Vedic teaching.

Dr Kanada Narahari’s father Vidwan Narahari Keshava Bhat is a renown master in Sanskrit language, ShaDdarshanas- six major Indian philosophies, exclusively in Vaisheshika darshana, one among the six major philosophies. He is a sanskrit poet, penned thousands of sanskrit poems and also a versatile scholar in the field of Yakshagaana- a south Indian traditional performing art.

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Lose weight effectively

Obesity is a common problem faced by the men and women of today. It poses some serious health hazards. Dr Kanada Narahari offers the Obesity Programme, which consists of some of the finest treatment procedures in Ayurveda, to cure obesity. This programme consists of effective body massages with specially made herbal oils, powders and Kizhi.

Additionally, in cases where considered necessary, Virechanam, Ksheera dhooma, herbal drinks and medicines are also given, besides steam bath and special diet. This therapy stimulates internal organs and blood circulation, resists exhaustions and exertions, provides lightness of the body and refinement of the body systems.

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2nd Sept 2016 Kendra Hall, Durban 5.30pm Private Concert
20th Sept 2016 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan university Port Elizabeth 5pm Private concert
21st Sept 2016 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan university Port Elizabeth 5pm Private concert

Client Testimonial

"It is an immense pleasure to submit this brief testimonial on Dr Narahari. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr Narahari about 18 months ago. A colleague, Prashaan Hemrajh and I present an Indian Classical Music programme called RaagVaani on our local radio station Hindvani where we interviewed Dr Narahari. In the interview, over a 2 hour time span, he shared a unique dimension of Hindustani Classical Music – a perspective that many of us were unaware of. It is out of these circumstances we began to engage with him attended many of his presentations." - Rajish Lutchman www.abh.co.za

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