About Dr Kanada Narahari

Dr Kanada Narahari belongs to a small village called Chipageri in western ghats of Karnataka state in South India where the natural life always imbibes into the mind body and soul of the living beings of its native with its everlasting calmness and serenity. His grandfather, “Keshava Annayya Bhat” was a renown scholar in Vedas and dedicated his whole life in traditional way of Guru-Shishya parampara of Vedic teaching. Dr Kanada Narahari’s father Vidwan Narahari Keshava Bhat is a renown master in Sanskrit language, ShaDdarshanas- six major Indian philosophies, exclusively in Vaisheshika darshana, one among the six major philosophies. He is a sanskrit poet, penned thousands of sanskrit poems and also a versatile scholar in the field of Yakshagaana- a south Indian traditional performing art.

Getting nourished with such a scholarly and artistic surrounding where the ancient language like sanskrit, Vedas and Indian music were the part of daily life in Childhood, young Kanada developed interest in Literature and music in early life. Tushara, a leading monthly magazine in Kannada, published his first article when he was just 10 years old. Young Kanada was initiated to study Carnatic vocal under Shreemathi Vidushi Shreedevi Aravind when he was 9.


Dr. Kanada Narahari (Kanaada Raaghava among friends and folks in music and literature in Karnataka) acquired the degree BAMS (Ayurvedacharya) in February 2007. Since then he is serving thousands of people with authentic Ayurveda medicine in India, Nepal and South Africa. Apart from classical ayurveda practice, Dr. Kanada Narahari, being a popular columnist and fiction writer in Kannada, served people by writing many health articles in leading daily news papers and monthly magazines. Being a well-known musician with sitar in hand, he practiced and given concerts in many places in India, Nepal and South Africa, and has incorporated music into meditation where sitar being played on the basis of Ragas with therapeutic approach, whereas patients and aspirants of yoga will sit and meditate in deep mesmerizing healing sounds of sitar. As a Doctor Musician and writer, Dr Kanada Narahari is able to relate well to people from various culture and tradition in view of his vast experience in his travelling through the length and breadth of India, Nepal and and abroad.

As an Ayurvedic doctor

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Dr Kanada Narahari completed his degree Ayurvedacharya ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery) from Dhanvantari ayurveda college Siddapur, Karnataka in 2007 under Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences, Bangalore. He secured the top merit award in the college during his BAMS study. Further he developed a keen interest in studying naadi Vignaana (Pulse diagnosis), which is the core key for an ayurvedic doctor to understand the imbalances of Tridoshas, Dr Kanada Narahari spent quite a time in deep forests of western ghats in India, studied it under various traditional herbalists. Long before studieng Ayurveda Dr Kanada Narahari in his school days found the Sushrutha Samhita which is oneamong the three major treatises of Ayurveda in his father’s book shelf.  Born with high inquisitiveness towards the things around, he started reading the ancient treatise. This made his mind to stick to this science of life, Ayurveda and he continued his determination to study ayurveda and become ayurvedic doctor.

Dr Kanada Narahari spent his early practice life in Bangalore. He served thousands of patients in Bangalore by classical authentic Ayurveda practice in a wellknown ayurvedic hospital called Ukkinadkas Ayurveda. During this period he spent his practice not only seeing and treating patients but creating awareness on Ayurveda by giving discourses all over Bangalore in different organizations, NGO’s and in various public gatherings.

Dr Kanada Narahari, relocated to Nepal in 2011. He lived in the city called Pokhara which is situated in the foothills of Annapurna Mountains of Himalayas for two years. He worked as Ayurveda Consultant and wellness manager for Zen Experience in Temple Tree Resort, Pokhara.

In view of the demand for his services, Dr Kanada Narahari started his practice in Durban, South Africa, in March 2014.

In an organic conscious and smart society, nowadays Ayurveda is regaining its popularity over western medicine. The reasons behind is its drastic cost-effectiveness in comparision, and safe medicinary formulas which has no side effects but with side benefits. As his favourite quote,  “Ayurveda is the philosophy of healthy life”,

Dr Kanada Narahari spreading Ayurveda in South Africa by conducting workshops, seminars and discourses. Also on SABC Tv and regularly on Radio Hindvani, every Thursday between 3.00 to 4.00 pm

As a writer

Dr Kanada Narahari is a known young short story writer in kannada, a south Indian regional language. Writing with the pen name of Kanaada Raaghava, he got prestigious Chanda award for his first short story collection; Modala maleya mannu published in 2012. The same book has won many awards including Dr U R Ananta murty award given by Karnataka sangha Shimoga, Da Raa Bendre award from Bendre Pratishthana Hubli.

His second collection of short stories; Gandakee Zone was published in 2014


As an Indian classical musician

Dr Kanada Indian Classical

Dr Kanada Narahari’ father, Vidvan Narahari Keshava Bhat is a renowned Sanskrit scholar, poet and author of theater plays in Sanskrit and Yakshagaana, a form of traditional performing art- therefore, it is not surprising that young Kanada would have been exposed to Indian performing arts, music and literature.


At the age of 9, he was enrolled to study Carnatic classical vocal with Vidushi Shreedevi Aravind, it was then that he began to develop an interest in Hindustani Classical music and was particularly attracted to the Sitar. He initially spent a year under Subrahmanya Hegade but found solace at the feet of his mentor and teacher Pundit Sanjeev Korthi.

Medicine in a hand and sitar in another hand then allowed him to experiment the healing properties of Classical Music and began to infuse music into his therapeutic practice. He developed an academic interest in all genres of music and today is widely recognized as a prominent music therapist.

He has evolved into a highly accomplished sitar player having performed in India, Nepal and South Africa.

Dr  Kanada Narahari is based in Durban with his wife Anjali Chandrashekar and his daughter Aisiri Kanada Bhat.